you literally look like and act like a stereotypical white gay boy and you trying to convince people you’re a “woman” because nail polish?? watch my eyes roll into the back of my head.

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Um can you not reblog white boy posts/jokes? You're white so you reblogging them is like a way of saying you're "one of the good white people" & those jokes are a way of poc making light outta the shit we face by them it feels invasive when u reblog them ,,,


of course, I try to make a conscious effort not to reblog posts like that and can’t find the post you’re referring to right now but ill be sure to delete it when I do


Zero trust in male midwives or gynecologists

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The fact that a simple imagine saying "proud owner of a vagina" is offensive makes me mad. It's like really women can't even own their vagina and be happy about it? What can we even own and be proud about? Everything gets taken away


Femaleness is hated and reviled in our society to a point where we are supposed to be constantly self-flagellating over it. Think about how women bond with each other by verbally flogging themselves in front of a mirror. “Oh, my skin is so bad!”, “my hair looks awful today!” and other similar phrases are pretty much conversation starters among women.

Tumblr apparently really like that movie “Mean Girls”. Remember that scene in Mean Girls where the protagonist is trying to get into the popular girl group, and they go to the house of the blonde asshole girl, sit all in front of a mirror and start insulting their own bodies? And the protagonist can’t come up with a good insult for herself, and this marks her as an outsider? This is femininity. This is how women are supposed to behave. It’s completely unnaceptable for a female to be happy about her body, because our bodies are to be seen as permanently incomplete works. We’re always to “improve” something. Self-satisfaction is seen as conceited and arrogant when it comes from a woman. And men fucking hate it.

So some people will call you a “stuck-up bitch” when you’re satisfied with your femaleness, and some people will call you “transmisogynistic”, but in truth they all mean the same thing: “how dare you feel good about yourself, when you are a dirty, bleeding, breeding, disgusting woman?”.

the more feminist books/articles/blogs i read, the more i’m pushed away from non-latin@s and want to reclaim my mexican/chican@ roots.